Online Wills are legal in the UK, and they can be a valid and convenient way to create a Will. However, there are certain requirements that must be met for an online Will to be considered legally valid: 


The person making the Will (testator) must be of sound mind and understanding when creating the Will. They must fully comprehend the nature and consequences of their decisions. 


The Will must meet the legal formalities prescribed by the law of the country in which the testator resides. In the UK, these formalities include signing the Will in the presence of two witnesses who are not beneficiaries and having the witnesses sign the Will as well. 

Incorporation by reference 

Any additional documents, amendments, or schedules referred to in the Will should be adequately identified and intended to be part of the Will. 

Proper revocation 

If the testator had a previous Will, the new Will must contain a revocation clause explicitly revoking all earlier Wills and codicils. 

Undue influence and fraud 

The Will must not be a result of undue influence or fraud exerted upon the testator. 

It’s important to emphasise that the laws and regulations may change over time, and it is always best to ensure compliance with the most current legal requirements. If you are considering creating an online Will in the UK, it is advisable to ensure you speak to the team at The Will Genie as they are for basic Wills only. If your estate is complex, involves assets, or you have specific concerns, consulting with our fully qualified advisors at The Will Genie Will ensure your Will is tailored to your needs and legally valid. 

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